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      The Hale Cleaning Services ensured I got a clean carpet, had my stunning carpet restored to its former glory. For that, I was incredibly thankful.
H. Jones19/05/2020
     Simply the best upholstery cleaning company. Great job!
Ellen Mayfeld20/09/2019
     I trust TheHaleCarpetCleaners with all of my domestic cleaning tasks, and will continue to do so.
Harry M.20/11/2017
     A fine cleaning job is best observed by looking at the details, and I can say with absolute confidence that TheHaleCarpetCleaners has it down to a science. Everything from how smooth the hiring process went, to the professionalism of the cleaners themselves was pretty much perfect! They arrived on time, and was properly equipped with some heavy duty cleaners. They cut through the toughest stains, and leave everything spotless by the end. There is no chemical odour, just the good old scent of a freshly cleaned house. The idea of having such a dependable cleaner available at your fingertips... It is so comforting.
Kat F.29/08/2014
     The first thing that impressed me about this cleaning business was the price, but I have to admit I was a little bit concerned that the cleaner they would send wouldn't be any good. I couldn't have been more wrong, I can only talk about the cleaner I received but she was fantastic. She knew what to do and got on with it from the word go. Brilliant. I can't imagine another company having such good cleaners as TheHaleCarpetCleaners. I also ended up using the rug cleaning service and that too was faultless. Really glad I found this company and can recommend it if you're looking for a reliable and cheap cleaning company.
Daisy H.13/08/2014
     Our dogs are always making some sort of mess. If they aren't running mud all through the house, then they're malting all over our upholstery. It was getting too far out of hand for us to know what to do so we called TheHaleCarpetCleaners and they talked us through a number of options available to us. The people we talked to were really helpful and the cleaner was well skilled. She got out stains I've never been able to, and did a few things to reduce the amount of mess the dogs could do. I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner!
     I would just like to say, thank you so much for the service you provided me, my house looks amazing, in fact my entire home has never looked this good ever, accept when we first moved into it and everything was brand new. I have been really stressed lately thinking that I needed to replace many things at home, because they had seen better days, and this has occurred around a time of financial hardship, however after your affordable and amazing services everything looks like new again and you have saved me lots of money and stress, I'd recommend TheHaleCarpetCleaners to anyone.
     In all senses of the word, TheHaleCarpetCleaners are absolutely excellent! I have found them to be consistently hard working, great at cleaning, and very good value. I will be using them for the foreseeable future, as I really do think they are an excellent addition to my life at home. I hope that others reading this will agree with me if they try them out, which they certainly should do, by all means! Highly recommended, lovely people, go for it!
Christian Conner05/03/2014

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